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From early arrears to legal stages, in-house collections to panel management, we’ll help you explore  your customer data to unlock the hidden value of NPLs

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Maximise the performance of your debt portfolio

Qualco helps organisations adapt to a rapidly changing debt landscape driven by economic, regulatory, and behavioral considerations. Our intuitive software and analytics streamlines your collections and recoveries activity, improves customer rehabilitation and accurately values your debt portfolio. 

International base
With a development centre in Greece, operations centre in the UK, and offices in France, Cyprus and Brazil, our 200-strong team addresses needs across markets.
In depth business experience
Over 18 years’ experience in servicing the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of leading financial institutions and organisations with receivable assets.
360° portfolio management
From technology and analytics services to portfolio management, and end-to-end debt servicing, we cover all aspects of debt portfolio management.

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Global expertise

Benefit from Qualco’s strong intellectual capital and global business expertise. A dedicated team of more than 200 professionals utilise international know how and experience gained from complex projects in different markets and business sectors around the world.

Qualco Management

Led by Qualco’s executive team, the business draws on a wealth of experience from inside the industry, plus dynamic inspiration from outside.

Contact Qualco

With offices around the world, we’ve always got an open door. Contact us to discuss your debt portfolio management needs.